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I have more than thirty years of experience at one of the most prestigious preparatory boarding schools in the United States. My responsibilities as a French teacher, department head, dormitory head, admissions officer, and international student advisor at Groton School provide an invaluable experience in my role as an education consultant. I work with international students, and their families, whose goal is to pursue their education in the continental United States.

Over the course of my three decades at a boarding school, I've lived and worked closely with my students. Without a doubt, everyone has a different experience when moving to a new school, but I can help make the transition more comfortable and successful.  Finding the right school should be a fun experience.


On a personal note, I draw from my own experiences. I was born in Egypt, spent my formative years in France, and then came to the United States. Each of these places has a different culture, so I understand firsthand how daunting the transition may appear, and how rewarding your experience will become once you find your way.


I give you the means to achieve the results you desire. Success is a choice.

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